Saturday, April 12, 2008

State Gives Shorewood $4 Million; Non-Milwaukee Image Is Goal

Here's regional cooperation at work, with some of your money, Milwaukee:

The state Department of Transportation, not content with merely ripping up the city for the convenience of suburban commuters, is giving the Village of Shorewood $4 million to help it streetscape itself so it won't be mistaken for just another Milwaukee neighborhood.

Perish the thought!

Trust me: I like Shorewood, and I used to live there. But guess what: it is a neighborhood of Milwaukee, with which it shares a border and myriad business, education, personal and financial connections.

And shame on the State of Wisconsin for spending public money on something so condescending and divisional.

h/t to Greg Kowalski for the story. I had missed it.

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Milwaukee Social Worker said...

I lived in Shorewood for a while and am not surprised by this. There is a general feeling within the community that they are better than the surrounding area and sort of an island of wealth and class. It got really old and frustrating for those not in the "club." There are a lot of high rollers and local leaders who live in the community and must have some pull. I am sure if they had the chance they would build a mote or a wall preventing unwanted visitors from the city :).