Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Case For A Downtown UW-M

I've several times advocated for UW-Milwaukee's proposed engineering and research expansion to take place downtown.

It's an uphill battle because many major political forces in the region are supporting a Wauwatosa campus.

The case for downtown is a strong one, and its leading voice is Dave Reid.

Though it supports the Wauwatosa option, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in fine journalistic tradition offered Reid op-ed space Sunday to make his case - - and here it is.


Dave said...

Thanks Again for the support Jim we are working hard to right this ship. So you and your readers know we are having a get together to talk about UWM's Engineering school expansion tomorrow April 8th at Euro Cafe Bar (324 E. Mason, Milwaukee, WI) starting around 5:30 to talk about the issues.

And a little heads up... keep an eye on the news on the 9th..

MaggieMI said...

I'm all for connecting campuses with downtowns. Especially if a college or university is already considering expansion that may not be contiguous with the existing campus it makes sense to seriously consider urban revitalization.
NY Times had an article on the Syracuse Dean of the School of Architecture that mentions that school's move to downtown. You can find it at:

(sorry for the full web address.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim. How about the UWM School of Anything at Tower Auto. When does UWM invest in African American neighborhoods. Downtown doesn't need the help. We do! Howard

James Rowen said...

I agree, Howard, that Tower needs redevelopment. My understanding was that UWM totally nixed that.

I don't think that UWM should go downtown because downtown needs it, so much as it makes sense to be close to MSOE, and Marquette, and the other private and public infrastructure there.