Monday, April 7, 2008

OK: Let's Have Some Answers From Mary Lazich

She asks how does government spend our money? Fair question.

Which leads to this: Any tax money spent on a blog which has Lazich's name on it?

Or this one, by Kevin Fischer, her staff aide, who recently called the state Department of Natural Resources "the Wisconsin wing of the Nazi party" - - with, to date, no apology from Fischer or Lazich.

So are you two comfortable with that?

And I'm not the first to ask the blogs' accounting questions, so it's time for some answers.

Sen. Lazich...Kevin?

(Note that there are elected officials who take action and responsibility for their staffs' behaviors when they reflect badly on an elected's reputation.)

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John said...

I was also troubled by Lazich's poor grasp of "who pays what."