Saturday, April 12, 2008

Downtown, Wauwatosa Sites for UWM Research Campus Considered

The possibility that UWM's research campus could be located downtown is getting more media attention.

This is a good thing, and I've posted about the issue a few times.

Granted that the Tosa site is near some medical facilities: downtown offers other college campuses, housing choices, transit connections, broad retail conveniences, major industrial and white-collar employers and many other amenities nearby.

It's even closer to the airport - - a connection high on the list of necessities for start-up businesses and institutions.

The regional-benefit issue cuts both ways, so is essentially a wash.

Downtown offers far more advantages on its own.

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Dave said...

Thanks again for the coverage Jim. Last week was pretty good for our efforts as the Common Council passed a resolution stating the City of Milwaukee's belief that UWM should expand in the City. And the Mayor will be signing it shortly.