Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Along With Other Big Issues, Bush Will Leave Climate Change To His Successor

Pres. George W. Bush is expected to announce some goals for curbing greenhouse emissions - - no plans, mind you - - just some goals - - in a Rose Garden speech Wednesday.

This is the Bush pattern: screw things up during most of your Presidency, then do a little legacy outreach in the 8th year - - but then take a mountain bike ride, go on vacation and leave the heavy lifting repair work to your successor.

This is the story of the Bush presidency and the Iraq war, the housing crisis, climate change, the decline of the dollar, FEMA's credibility, unemployment, airline stability, the price of gasoline, the national deficit, the international trade imbalance, the price of food, US military equiping and recruiting, and America's standing in the world.

Attendance has risen steadily at Major League Ballparks.

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