Sunday, April 6, 2008

Water Writer Chris Wood's Essay Is A Must-Read

Chris Wood presents in the Toronto media an excerpt from his new book Dry Spring: The Coming Water Crisis in North America, about the Great Lakes.

The essay is quite a mix of science, math and pure passion for and about the Great Lakes.

I'm struck how different Wood's language and approach is, to say, the Waukesha politicos and business people who just say "gimme, gimme, gimme," without a care in the world for the larger picture.

The people who refuse to understand the complete price/value construct when it comes to water.

And compare their phony, Orwellian argument that obstructing the approval of the pending Great Lakes Compact will make the agreement stronger, when in fact the delays in ratification leave the Great Lakes vulnerable to mismanagement, or would, if 'improved' with amendments, increase the number of out-flowing diversions.

Thanks to Dave Dempsey also for his related posting and hat tip.

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