Monday, April 7, 2008

Florida Town Considering 100/Gallon Per Person Water Usage Daily

A Florida town suffering from over-development and water shortages is considering a mandatory 100/gallon per person limit per day.

We do better in Wisconsin, with residents using around 70 gallons a day.

But the point isn't to feel smug. The point is that we need to recognize that water can be saved with coordinated personal responsibility and community conservation, so that communities in Wisconsin where there already are supply problems don't find themselves in the Florida situation.

The Great Lakes Compact would require statewide conservation programs - - a provision that some GOP legislative leaders are trying to weaken.

The Compact bill that has passed the State Senate, with bi-partisan support, contains the stronger conservation language and should be kept in any so-called compromise that has yet to be adopted in the State Assembly.

The Senate, and Gov. Jim Doyle, should not cave in on this provision.

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