Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Waukesha Legislators Waste Time And Money

State Rep. Bill Kramer, (R-Waukesha), joins State Sen. Mary Lazich, (R-New Berlin), in a stupefyingly contradictory exercise to waste state resources and taxpayers' money - - allegedly to fight government waste.

Talk about double-talk!

Lazich, Kramer and others are supporting a plan (sic) to create a state website that could allow you to track expenditures of small amounts - - as little as $100 - - in state funding.

How much state money will this cost? Or state employees' time?

A few days ago, I conservatively estimated the start-up and operating costs of the Lazich/Kramer $100 Misunderstanding at $12-$15 million.

They need to re-title this wacky plan "The Deliberate Wisconsin Inefficiency Act."

Remember: these legislators are using their his taxpayer-paid resources and salaries to dream this stuff up, but Kramer didn't want to spend any time on genuinely important measures, like the Great Lakes Compact on Monday - - so he and all members of his party voted against letting the bill come up for a vote.

Lazich recently complained that she was overworked.

I guess we now know with what.


Anonymous said...

Now that the bill has passed the assembly, it's time to look at the fiscal note. Its conclusion: it's too complex to estimate the cost! Jim, your earlier estimates that hundreds of state employees would be needed to manage the system may, in the end, be correct.

Joshua Skolnick said...

Ok, sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If government opens its books, then so should the corporation.

Then all corporate bureaucracies should open their books and put it all in the open on the web and let us know how much money they are wasting on CEO salaries, fancy buildings, decor and other edifices, and how little they are paying their average workers, and how much they are sucking out of the local economy through outsourcing.

And, they can give us an itemized budget down to the last $100.00.

It would be an eye opener. I would wager that corporate bureaucracies waste as much if not more than government.

James Rowen said...

With a multi-billion operation, and 65,000 employees, and project change orders to account for - - how many data entry clerks, accountants, supervisors, web-designers and purchases will this effort entail?

Anonymous said...

To James' comment, I used to work for a very large engineering and construction company with change orders to account for. Our practice was that any change of $100 or less did not require approval or documentation, as it cost more than than to do all the documentation