Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lead Paint Case Led To Gableman Candidacy

The Associated Press lays out the case that the opportunistic Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, irked at State Supreme Court Justice's Louis Butler's pro-plaintiff opinion in the landmark lead paint liability case, helped create Michael Gableman's candidacy.

Which has since been steered towards sexier, scarier crime issues as a more likely route to victory.

Pretty cynical, as the crime focus has led to race-baiting, especially if you've got several million bucks to pour into Gableman's campaign.


illusory tenant said...

Follow this link to an excellent video interview with Justice Butler. Butler frankly discusses the case at length and in detail, along with many other noteworthy subjects.

Why won't, or can't, Gableman engage these same questions?

James Rowen said...

Thanks, IT.

Gableman and his handlers are using race and fear to win.

It's worked before, and can work again unless there is vigorous and righteous pushback.

The shameful thing is that we're talking about a contest for State Supreme Court, where a qualified candidate is under a deliberate cynical attack by opponents with deep, self-interested corporate pockets.