Friday, March 28, 2008

Trashed By 34 Other Judges, Gableman Says He Is Proud Of His Campaign

Saying that he is "proud" of his widely-condemned campaign - - including a broadside launched by 33 current judges and one retired State Supreme Court Justice who called it "a new low in judicial campaigns in this state" - - Mike Gableman might be the worst candidate to ever run for Wisconsin's high court.

And that's paying Annette Ziegler a compliment.


illusory tenant said...

I join Mr. Rowen's opinion in full and write separately in concurrence.

William Tyroler said...

Far as I know, this remarkable condemnation by so many sitting judges, including 4 current appellate judges, is unprecedented. And maybe that's exactly why Gableman's proud: despite an undistinguished career, he'll have set at least one precedent even if he never gets to sit on the supreme court.