Monday, March 31, 2008

Murphy Oil, Post-Katrina Spillage, Still Making Enemies In Louisiana

Hard to believe, but Murphy Oil Co. is still riling neighbors not recovered from the massive Katrina spill.

You folks in Superior, and at the Wisconsin DNR, taking all this in?

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Anonymous said...

Letter to Editor in Response to Associated Press story of Murphy Oil's expansion in Meraux, LA

Murphy Meraux is (according to our Council Representative who works at Murphy) out of compliance with OSHA hazard zones/explosion cones. As such, they are looking to move ""facilities"" into our residential streets -- where we actually reside .

In federal court pleadings and hearings transcripts for the settlement agreement, and in various St Bernard Parish (SBP) Council and Committee meeting transcripts, Murphy's defense attorneys can be quoted from transcripts stating the area would be turned into a green zone, a grassy greenspace, a nonused buffer between the refinery and the neighborhood. That is what buffer zones are industry wide. That is the whole intent and purpose of the federal judge's court order and reasons. There has never been a misconception regarding the settlement agreement. There has only been these new contradictions of statements by the same attorneys.

From the associated press January 4, 2007

Kerry Miller, a Murphy lawyer, said the area would be turned into a "green zone" to buffer the refinery from neighborhoods.

At the Planning Commission Public Hearing March 25th, Murphy's attorney declined to answer the commissioners question regarding the refinery's 5 five year expansion plan presumably out of respect for those present whose homes would be used for the expansion. A second planning commission public hearing is set for April 22nd.

a concerned recovery citizen