Monday, March 17, 2008

The WMC Gets An Internet Watchdog

One Wisconsin Now (OWN) took the lead in disclosing the failings of the most-recent State Supreme Court candidates (Annette Ziegler and Michael Gableman) financed by the powerful business lobby Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC).

Today, OWN takes disclosure about the WMC to a higher level with the rollout of WMC Watch, a web-based trove of constantly-updated information about who and what the WMC is, how it operates, and where it is headed.

This is definitely an advance in progressives' use of the Internet, making available a site to be bookmarked, checked daily and posted far and wide as a link.

As I have pointed out more than once, the WMC is on the wrong side of many important issues facing Wisconsin right now: air pollution, tax fairness, health care reform, Great Lakes conservation, etc.

Shining sunlight on the WMC should help advance a genuine public agenda in the state.

OWN's release on the website's goals and functions is here.

(My standard personal disclosure, again: I sit on one of two OWN boards, but was not involved in the creation of this website).


Anonymous said...


Why is WMC on the wrong side of many issues? Because you disagree with them? I am not a member of the WMC and I agree with many of their stances. OWN is a joke, they claim to be non partisian, but they are not. Strictly liberal.

James Rowen said...

To Anon:

As I said, the WMC's agenda is not in the public interest. Opposing cleaner air, for example. Or leading the shift in tax burden from its members to individuals and residential property owners.

You say OWN claims to be non-partisan, but isn't because it's liberal? You are confusing your terms.

Partisan refers to political party, not political orientation, as in liberal/non-liberal.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Jim:

Can we split some more hairs? OWN is a liberal group, liberals, for the most part are democratic and conservatives are for the most part republican. Right on OWN's website is a spot for lefty blogs. I do not know any lefty republicans.

I also get sick of the word progressives. Why not just use the word liberal. Do you think changing your name well some how make us independents think you are not liberal.

Go follow your Al Gore marching orders, and write some more tree hugger, eco-warrior articles.

James Rowen said...

To anon:

Given the anger in your email, I'd say you were the one who needs a hug.