Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dane County Organizing For Butler; In Milwaukee, Not So Visibly

Dane County politicos - - it's a liberal stronghold - - are getting organized on behalf of incumbent State Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler, and want you to know about it.

An impressive list of endorsees was made public, and that's good because it feels like Milwaukee liberals are taking a more relaxed approach to the campaign and Madison seems to be showing the way.

I could be wrong. I don't get out much.

But I do know that right-wing talk radio is carrying water for challenger Michael Gableman, and it's aimed at a suburban audience in Milwaukee and the surrounding counties that tends to vote regularly, and conservatively.

An audience that is eating up Gableman's vicious ads and others paid for by millionaire funding from self-interested business groups like the Club for Growth and Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce.

AM620 WTMJ morning righty talker Charlie Sykes told his listeners this morning that he would introduce a separate anti-Butler issue everyday until the April 1st election: liberals have no counterweight to conservative talk radio that dominates the region's two largest AM stations all day and all night.

In that regard, thank goodness for all the NCAA basketball and spring training baseball that can get on the radio.

Butler will do well in Dane County - - neutralizing Gableman's votes in Waukesha County, the state's GOP heartland - - but Butler will need a strong showing in Milwaukee County to counteract the Gableman turnout up north.

A sparse turnout in the City of Milwaukee could lead to a Gableman upset.

So Milwaukee activists: look to Dane County and ramp it up on behalf of Milwaukee resident Louis Butler.


krshorewood said...

Right now what we have to bank on is that Lena Taylor's campaign gets out the vote in Milwaikee.

Anonymous said...

That is a scary thought.