Saturday, March 22, 2008

Brookfield State Senator Lauds Twin Cities - - Light Rail A Big Success There

State Sen. Ted Kanavas, (R-Brookfield), lauds the Twin Cities and Minnesota as models for Wisconsin to emulate.

I guess that means Kanavas is a big supporter of the Twin Cities' wildly-successful Hiawatha train system, the very sort of modern rail that Kanavas' party has kept out of Milwaukee.

The Twin Cities rail system has stimulated the construction of more than 7,000 housing units, as people and business builds along the routes, and ridership in the new system has already exceeded the pre-construction estimates for 2020.

Details here.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that must be it. Light rail is making Minnesota successful.

Although spending money on the rail sink-hole diverted resources from bridge repair. Ooops.

And, the state is now in a recession.

James Rowen said...

Money was not diverted from bridge repair to light rail.

The bridge that collapsed had a design flaw.

According to Kanavas, MN and The Twin Cities are doing quite well, thank you.

Craig said...

Anonymous -

The entire country is in a recession, not just MN (or WI, or any other single state).