Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Air Quality Cloud Threatens Summer Games In China: 2016 Chicago Olympic Games, Same Story?

Pollution in China could pose a threat to athletes sucking in dirty air at this summer's Olympic Games, officials say.

We sympathize: why should a runner, or spectator, put himself or herself at risk at foolishly-scheduled events?

So here's a question: Chicago is the US entry for the 2016 Olympic Games, and that city does not meet allowable smog standards unveiled last week by the US Environmental Protection Agency, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Milwaukee would love to have some Olympic venues right here in our city, and Milwaukee doesn't meet the new standard, either.

According to this video presentation by a Chicago games' representative at a recent meeting of the Greater Milwaukee Committee, some possible Olympic events in Milwaukee are under discussion.

That's sure be cool.

So, sure, it's all a long ways off, and the whole Chicago 2016 bid might get rejected by the International Olympic committee.

But wouldn't just the possibility be another incentive for the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce and other dirty air apologists to stifle their whining about government health regulations, and help the region get into compliance?

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