Sunday, March 30, 2008

Waukesha Blogger Shares WMC Resignation Letter

Jim Bouman, blogging as Water Blogged in Waukesha, decided to protest the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce's far-right policies by writing a letter of complaint to a business whose CEO and President sits on WMC's Board of Directors.

Bouman patronized the business, TDS Metrocom, as a subscribing customer.

The TDS Metrocom official is David Wittwer.

At his blog, Bouman shares the letter he got back from Wittwer disclosing his resignation from the WMC Board.

Bouman's direct action is certainly a heckuva model.


Anonymous said...

Good for Wittmer too!

Jim Bouman said...

Thanks for helping spread this bit of news about a solid businessman who recently chose not to be involved with WMC as a Director.

Whatever his reasons, I am pleased to tell him that no longer seeing him listed among the board members of the WMC persuades me to keep sending his company $70 a month for their high quality service. And I will not hesitate to recommend his company to others.

His name is spelled Wittwer

James Rowen said...