Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wildlife Federation Slams Business For Killing DNR Democracy Bill

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation makes clear in a statement that it was big business - - including the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, et al - - that blocked final legislative approval to return the state Department of Natural Resources Secretary's position to its historical, non-partisan selection and role.

The WWF noted the reform plan, overwhelmingly popular and approved by the State Senate, was killed at the last minute by the State Assembly through money and influence.

Some additional background here.

It's also important to put the WMC's opposition to a measure of public control of the DNR into context: the WMC opposed a wide range of progressive policy issues in Wisconsin - - clean air, health care and so on.

A summary is here.

One Wisconsin Now (OWN), a statewide media and policy hub has even initiated a WMC Watch website to track and explain WMC's influence.

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