Monday, March 24, 2008

On-Line Gun Dealer Wants To Arm Students Against His Next Crazy Customer

Shades of The Onion:

The Green Bay online gun and paraphernalia dealer who inadvertently helped arm the two most recent campus mass-shooters now wants students to be able to carry concealed guns on campus.

To protect themselves against mass-shooters.

Stop the madness.


Jim Bouman said...

It gets nuttier and nuttier.

Shame on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for even reporting on this inane, obscene idea, this money hungry gun counter geek.

That pitiable rag is run by people with no ideas, no principles, no shame, no future.

James Rowen said...

Actually, Jim, I think there is value in publicizing what the dealer is doing.

Anonymous said...

Methinks he, oh Noble Gundealer! protests too much. Perhaps so much so that the light of attention may cease to shine upon his un-noble dealings that give cause to untimely passings of innocents by guns and bullets, and conceal hateful weapons and intentions behind the shadows purpose caused.

Oh William-- My poor attempts may have aggrieved thee so!