Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Organizing Push For A Downtown UWM Engineering Campus

Finally, the city forces are being organized, and heard.

Website, here.

Will The M-7 regional collaboration actually step up for Milwaukee?


Dave said...

Jim, Thanks for the link. UWM Downtown believes that there are far more good reasons for UWM to expand downtown instead of in Tosa.

It clearly is better for students

It offers built in collaboration opportunities with other universities such as MSOE, Marquette, MATC and companies like JCI and Rockwell.

It is greener to conduct infill development rather than paving over greenfields.

Downtown has plenty of available space both for the new school and spinoff business.

Downtown has transit options that would allow students access to the new school.

Downtown has housing options for students.

And don't forget it is called the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The list goes on and on.

control valves said...

Thanks for the link.