Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mary Lazich's 26-Minute Great Lakes Tirade Is On Tape

State Sen. Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) is the legislature's self-described leading opponent of the pending Great Lakes Compact.

But last Thursday, Lazich failed to sway the Senate to her point-of-view as it approved the Compact 26-6, with many GOP votes in support of the bill created in the Energy and Environment Committee chaired by State Sen. Mark Miller, ( D-Madison).

Could it be that other Senators don't appreciate being yelled at?

You can hear and see Lazich's long tirade courtesy of Wisconsin Eye, the State Capitol's new audio and video taping service.

She begins at the 1-hour, 8-minute mark on the 3/6 debate, part one, at this link.

Note also, that fellow Senate sore-loser Ted Kanavas, (R-Brookfield), swore and yelled at Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson, according to the Waukesha Freeman.

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