Thursday, January 17, 2008

Zilber Implementing Green Standards At Pabst Redevelopment Site Downtown

Props to Joe Zilber for making the Pabst complex a green model of redevelopment, and to Avrum Lank at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for bringing the information to readers.

Pretty soon, green building, engine design, energy generation - - all this and more will become routine, and the only remaining question will be: "What took so long?"

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Anonymous said...

When in 2004 Home Depot was asking the City of Milwaukee for a TIF on Holt and 3rd in Milwaukee to expand the property into a modern mall (Home Depot and Pick N Save, primarily), a couple of us from Bay View Neighborhood Association went to the developer (could not get audience with HD folks) and asked them to build the new structure with a green roof. In the presence of our Alder, he sort of laughed at us, dismissed our interest as not being in accord with the goals of the corporation. They could be selling green roofs today.