Monday, January 28, 2008

UW-M Prof., Conservative Columnist Debate Water, Race And Class

The debate over water sales to the suburbs continues to expand, and that's a good thing, because people need to be heard on the issue, and as UW-M Professor Bill Washabaugh tells the Journal Sentinel's Patrick McIllheran, it's all not as simple as McIllheran believes.

Their debate is included in a posting by McIllheran, who also reprints in full a response by Washabaugh to something McIllheran had written Sunday.

Washabaugh is a sociologist, and there is a deep reservoir of social attitudes and regional history that water sales - - just the latest spur to suburban growth - - have and will continue to influence.

Credit both of them with putting their arguments out there for the public to absorb.

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