Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Soglin Finds Appreciation For Wisconsin Business Climate - - in Illinois!

Wisconsin business leaders routinely bash Gov. Doyle as anti-business, and look longingly to Illinois, where tax incentives and other inducements supposedly give the private sector there everything they are denied in Wisconsin.

Paul Soglin finds that some Illinois movers-and-shakers are complaining that they are losing out to...Doyle and Wisconsin.

Can't our business leaders get anything right?

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Anonymous said...

I have been operating a small business in Wisconsin near Milwaukee for 35 years. We used to have a grassroots driven economy, but, through the years, we have steadily lost our ability to implement large scale infrastructure systems because of bureaucratic interference, high taxes, and the necessity of using favored vendors. The County, for one, can commit all its resources to pensions if they want - I'm moving out.