Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bush Could Have Led The Nation Away From Alcohol Abuse

It was something of an undercovered story earlier this week - - Pres. George W. Bush using the term "addiction" for his past alcohol abuse.

But unlike other political leaders and opinion-makers who have used various personal problems to educate the public towards fuller disclosure and better health, Bush has been, until now, very closed-mouth on the subject.

He managed to keep his DUI conviction in Maine a secret until the closing days of his 2000 campaign when his campaign confirmed it.

There was no firm obligation on his part to talk more about his drinking problems, but many people who have dealt with addiction find it important to pass along their experiences, including their recoveries, as a way to help others.

For a President of the United States to do otherwise has certainly been a missed opportunity, a bully pulpit not seized.

Maybe in his last year as President, Bush will make alcohol education and sobriety more of a part of his public presidency.

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capper said...

Your premise is accurate only if one presumes that he is a recovering alcoholic. From previous statements he has made on the subject, it sounds like he is in denial of his own addiction, at least on an emotional level.