Monday, January 28, 2008

Climate Change's Severe Storms Hit China

Wonder how many climate change deniers are left in China, where the worst snow storms in 50 years have caused massive problems.

What does 600,000 people stranded at one train station even look like? That's nearly equal to the entire population of Milwaukee!


Anonymous said...

So I guess any severe storms are because of so-called climate change now. Just because it is the worst storm in 50 years does not mean it was due to climate change.

James Rowen said...
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James Rowen said...

A marker of climate change is increased intensity of storm events. So at least consider the possibilities.

Anonymous said...

Wait..."possibility"? I thought "global warming" as the cause of every single weather nuance was a matter of fact.

I'll definately consider the possibility if the other side discontinues its "no more debate" mantra.