Friday, January 11, 2008

Gov. Doyle Is Right: We Need A Statewide Smoking Ban

Like Illinois. Minnesota. And much of the rest of the world, including even Ireland and France, where smoking was deeply ingrained into popular, national culture.

Gov. Doyle is right to worry that Wisconsin will become the region's ashtray, where foul inside air leads employees and other state residents residents to contract lung cancer and other costly diseases.

Wisconsin can be a healthier state, with fewer demands on the already-overpriced health care system here, if cigarette smoke is removed from the common air supply.

There is an imperfect smoking-ban bill moving through the State Senate that needs to be strengthened by closing loopholes that delay its application in bars and restaurants.

The time for coordinated, uniform state action is now - - before more people are tipped towards cancers, heart disease, or asthma.


James Wigderson said...

let's close ALL the loopholes and ban smoking completely.

Why not?

Anonymous said...

How will this impact business travelers, tourist and the like? Will they be able to smoke in the hotel/motels?

James Rowen said...

To Jim: I am talking about smoking in public places.

To the most recent commenter:

Travelers the world over are adjusting to these very restrictions. It's not new. Many hotels are now smoke-free, or offer a choice.

Anonymous said...

Why not allow entrepreneurs to establish cigar- or smoking-bars or restaurants? Such places would hire only people who accept employment there knowing and accepting that second hand smoke is a condition of employment.