Monday, January 28, 2008

The Green Side of New Berlin, On The Web

New Berlin is often in the news and associations with environmentalism there are not particularly strong.

Its State Senator, Mary Lazich (R), is leading the fight in the legislature against a strong Great Lakes Compact bill for Wisconsin, partnering with a states-rights ally in Ohio who is stalling the water conservation agreement there, too.

Lazich has been backed by the Waukesha County Chamber of Commerce, and its allies, the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce and the Metropolitan Builders Association.

And New Berlin is pushing for precedent-setting permission to obtain Lake Michigan water for acreage west of the subcontinental divide, where new development, along with a water park, could use an infusion of fresh water piped in from the Big Lake.

But there is a regular web presence posted by the Ecology Association of New Berlin that is raising awareness about the Compact, climate change and other pressing environmental issues.

Check it out.

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