Friday, January 25, 2008

Patrick McIlheran Post On Water Issues Makes Little Sense

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's in-house conservative blogger and columnist casts aspersions everywhere in a fear-driven posting about the Great Lakes Compact and an opinion poll which his newspaper apparently covered too neutrally for his tastes.

Darn that fact-based reporting! It's!

Anti-Compact forces must be really see storm warnings on the horizon, if McIlheran is their barometer.

You can read his posting here.


krshorewood said...

The question is why does the Journal feature someone so disturbed.

He seems to not get the concept of feathering the brakes when it comes to naturally resources.

Anonymous said...

I see how it works. A person offers an opinion on a special-interest generated poll and he is immediately dismissed as "disturbed". You liberals continue to baffle me.

James Rowen said...

I didn't think the comment was so out-of-bounds that it should be rejected. I figured Patrick could deal with it.