Thursday, January 17, 2008

Conservatives Like Less Voting

Conservatives in the GOP are pushing for voter ID to limit votes among lower-income citizens, presumably Democrats.

Now the Wisconsin Assembly Republicans want to limit the topics that can come before residents through referenda.

Like resolutions calling for the end to the Iraq War.

Yeah, all this democracy-stuff is just too, well, democratic.

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Anonymous said...

Direct Legislation (Stat 9.20) isn't popular with lots of types, not just "conservatives". People of all political persuasions at the municipal level (you must have heard this being muttered by some disgruntled muni-type in your past life?) find direct legislation a pain in the rear. It's an expense, added work, etc.
Direct legislation is also something all states don't have I beleive and I know several years ago many wanted to end the loophole of citizens being able to directly "write laws". It's my impression that the LWM is not as a body particularly wild about 9.20, but that's just a feeling I can't document it.

So when some of us saw the recent manipulation of 9.20 as a vehicle to make "public statements", some of us figured "oh, that will hasten the demise". I was apprehensive, I felt those initiatives were adding pressure to an already iffy situation. I thought it would add incentive to modify 9.20. Possibly harming REAL, as in non-PR, uses of the statute. THAT would be a real disservice.
As it is, I beleive the restriction is just saying "no topics that are not muni-friendly". Stuff the council's can't act on. So really, 9.20 just won't be able to be jerked for P.R. purposes anymore. But PR does not equate to "democracy".It is a question of USE v. ABUSE.
But PR types can/will keep pushing the (ab)uses beyond what the intent was for the statute and see what happens I guess. Short term "gains", long term costs - as usual. Smoke 'em while you got 'em.
Nice rhetoric though.
(final question - how happy would we be if The Other Guys ran referenda like "Is Jesus active in YOUR life?" or "Do you feel Homeland Security is keeping us safe from islamofascists?" You know, just to gauge public opinion and send a message. Use or abuse?)