Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dave Dempsey, Great Lakes Expert, Skewers Waukesha Opinion

Dave Dempsey, as others have tried, too, explains that business leaders quoted in a recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story about the Great Lakes compact misunderstand how the Compact would work and how it relates to existing federal law.

I reminded readers in a recent posting that Waukesha business and political leaders have been trying to evade or water down (sorry, bad pun) the Compact for years.

And suggesting, as they did at the forum to which Dempsey is referring, that they could support the Compact with its so-called "single-state veto" provision governing diversions removed is just another way of killing it altogether.

Which, as Dempsey and others keep saying, leaves everyone with the existing federal law where the single-state veto is chiseled in stone.

But would lead to the next logical/illogical step - - challenging the law in court, and losing control of the Great Lakes if the case were won.

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