Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Double-Standards To Defeat Rail Transit, Wreck Regional Cooperation

I have often written about the imbalances in transportation planning and implementation in our region.

Billions for highways, zip for rail, with the $6.5 billion for rebuilt highways and 120 new miles of regional lanes, $0 dollars for rail or transit upgrades or additions as exhibit #1.

Now there's more.

State Rep. Robin Vos (R-Racine), signing onto legislation to allow binding referenda on rail transit systems and their funding - - but nothing equivalent on highway expansion.

His bill would give small communities the ability to block rail systems in nearby cities, and in Milwaukee, require the referendums to be county-wide, thus diminishing the voting power in the City of Milwaukee.

This anti-urban, anti-rail phobia is reminiscent of a provision added to the state budget some years ago by then Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen, (R-Town of Brookfield), to ban any state spending on light rail planning, period.

So much for regional cooperation, or balanced transportation.


Anonymous said...

Besides. If he's so keen on binding local control - how about imposing it on highway projects? Like the I-94 expansion that the vast majority of the Milwaukee Common Council just voted to oppose.

Joshua Skolnick said...

It seems as if these irrational auto-apologist Wisconsin politicians are ripping a page from the Bush Regime's hatred of rail transport. See this from the National Corridors Initiative. The Bush regime censors a pro-rail section from the Surface Transportation Commission Report. Even a rational conservative rail supporter (Paul Weyrich), is steamed.