Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Root River Communities Want A River For Recreation...

...But it's also where Waukesha is aiming to send treated, diverted water back to Lake Michigan, not necessarily year-around, should it win a diversion.

Which means, should the Department of Natural Resources approve, a) there will be more water in the river, b) a lot more water during storm events, c) possible water out of the banks, effecting the shoreline and banks, and d), of course, the water will have to be cleaned scrupulously prior to its discharge.

After all, as the river passes through Racine, there's a DNR fish hatchery on the route.

These are big issues - - environmentally, and fiscally - - perhaps contradictory.

Are the Root River communities downstream from Waukesha talking to the DNR about the Waukesha discharge plan?

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Melisa Christensen said...

I grew up up the root in Racine and last summer when I was back, it was pretty gross. The water was so low and the smell was horrific. It seems like when I was younger so much water rushed through. I think more water would be a good thing, if was clean.