Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cuprisin Tracks Conservative Talkers' Delicious Cat Fight

Tim Cuprisin, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel TV and Radio critic, has been blogging about the intriguing internecine war among righty talkers over which Republican candidates are the most politically correct.

Michael Medved, a conservative pundit whom Cuprisin quotes, suggests that the radio war led by Rush Limbaugh and other talkers against GOP candidates like Mike Huckabee and John McCain could kill the medium because those talkers were offending the base.

Said Medved, after Huckabee and McCain ran 1-2 in the South Carolina primary, while the national talkers' candidates were losers:

"The talk radio jihad against Mac and Huck hasn’t destroyed or even visibly damaged those candidates. But it has damaged, and may help destroy, talk radio"

Kill talk radio?

Led over the political cliff by Rush Limbaugh and his minions?

Be still, my heart.

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