Thursday, February 11, 2016

Wisconsin ripe for progressive debate focus tonight

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, vying for the right to run and serve as America's Progressive-in-Chief, could not have been scheduled into a better spot than Wisconsin for a two-hour debate on PBS/CNN tonight beginning at 8 p.m. central time.

That's because Wisconsin, where the Progressive Party was founded, and where many humane and socially-sensitive national programs were born, has been for the last five years a soulless, self-interested special-interest lobby run by enablers atop all three branches of state government who are opposing, restricting, or blocking ballot box access, student loan debt relief, cleaner air and waterways, local government authority, minimum wage increases, climate change action or awareness, collective bargaining, union representation and other workplace protections, solar and wind power installations, Amtrak and other transit services, groundwater preservation and purity,  environmental science, full K-12 and higher education funding, women's medical and reproductive care, Medicaid expansion and access to Obamacare, food stamp eligibility and working family tax credits, to name a few.

Tonight, more than ever - - On, Progressive Wisconsin 

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Anonymous said...

A perfect description of what Wisconsin has become under Walker and friends!