Saturday, February 13, 2016

WI DNR irked DNR gave golf course foes DNR information

This blog has been following the proposed conversion of a 247-acre, wetland-rich nature preserve south of Sheboygan into a high-end golf course on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan - - a plan that naturally raises plenty of questions about the environmental implications for neighbors, the groundwater, the property's already imaired river and Lake Michigan - - but, as the Journal Sentinel is reporting, political appointees running the agency with the "chamber of commerce mentality" Gov. Walker installed there were unhappy that an agency staffer gave the neighbors who inquired under the Wisconsin Open Records law some - - apparently too much - - public information.
The Wisconsin DNR must deny Kohler Company the use of  public State lands for their private profit. The role of the WDNR is to protect the environment...not work for developers.
Yeah, that's a confidence-builder as the agency moves forward with the golf course review - - the developer is a major Walker donor - -  and a host of major environmental studies, right?

And should we be surprised that an agency led by a corporate ideologue who expressed her open contempt for the employees she was to manage would devalue its workers - - just as it is devaluing the land and water it inherited from administrations past and is supposed to manage in trust for the people of the state?

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Anonymous said...

This is a true portrait of the Walker administration. When an employee does what they were hired to do and it is the right thing to do in serving the public the administrators of that agency want to discipline the employee for serving the public's interest. This is what government in Wisconsin has become; a public/private operation that benefits special interests at the expense of the people whom the government is supposed to serve. How far we have fallen in five years!!!!

nonquixote said...

And without collective bargaining protections the employee will likely never see a raise or "find," the opportunity for a promotion through the ranks, the ranks will now be filled with Dept of Administration, appointments.

Work hard and get ahead young people entering the work force.

Anonymous said...

The state of Wisconsin is now run by a corporate mafia.