Monday, February 15, 2016

WI water systems privatization gets quickie final vote Tuesday

More water-carrying for special interests by our selling-out Wisconsin GOP-led state government:

To please an out-of-state water firm, the WI legislature is poised tomorrow in the face of broad public opposition to make it easier for out-of-state businesses to buy or lease Wisconsin municipal water and sewer firms - - so get ready to add profit for investors and shareholders to your water bill. 


Anonymous said...

Why hasn't the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported this?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Scott Walker is under consideration to be Ted Cruz's VP, should Cruz be the Republican Presidential nominee. If AB 554 is passed by the Senate tomorrow, and Scott Walker signs that bill, he can kiss those VP plans good-bye - remember Flint!

nonquixote said...

Thanks so much Mr Rowen

Frank Lasee has a conservatively estimated 4000 constituents in Kewaunee County with tap water they cannot use for anything but flushing their toilets.

Asked at a county government meeting last fall, when he would urge the governor to declare a public health emergency, he refused to look at anyone in the room as he told us to instruct them to drill deeper wells.