Thursday, February 11, 2016

WI Legislature to cut millions from energy conservation

Wisconsin's tax collections are a budgetary disappointment - - no surprise, given years of Walker's ideological tax cuts and his failed job creation programs - - so how does the GOP-led Joint Finance Committee respond when Walker tells them to make millions in new budget cuts? 

By removing some funding that helps people reduce energy through a popular energy conservation program, along with some deregulatory sops to utilities, too:

  • Cut the Focus on Energy program by about $7 million per year. That bill would also eliminate the requirement that major energy utilities submit an annual plan for complying with sulfur dioxide emission rates to the state Public Service Commission and Department of Natural Resources.
Focus on Energy has added hundreds of millions of dollars to the state economy and created about 2,000 jobs in recent years, as the program just reported, but this administration has consistently obstructed wind and solar initiatives, so here we go again.


Anonymous said...

It's the Walker way...... cut revenues so the budget is starved....then cut programs that you wanted out of your way. This way you don't have to bother with the legislative process and the public awareness of what you are doing. Just starve them to death. Don't think for a minute that as soon as he signs the civil service bill he won't begin purging career civil service state employees under the guise of necessary cuts in government spending. Ray Charles could have seen this coming. Walker is an evil corrupt little man who cares nothing for anyone but himself and his political aspirations!

Anonymous said...

Right now, his political aspirations are dead-ended. This is really more about pay-back time and showing the Koch brothers that he is still willing to do what they want if the price is right.

He still has more than $1 million in outstanding campaign debt. I am sure he will never be able to disgrace the national stage with another White House bid again, so look for some major divide-and-conquer in this and upcoming sessions.

Walker is a sick immature shill that now has little to lose if he finish taking the Wisconsin economy down for the out-of-state multinational interests that have underwritten his ongoing attacks on workers.