Friday, February 12, 2016

About Lambeau Field hosting UW-LSU in September

Fun for the fans and players, this Green Bay scheduling of a UW-Madison non-conference football game, but let's remember college sports is big business - -
- - so the venue change produces a heckuva revenue transfer by 80,000-some ticket holders away from Camp Randall, Madison and Dane County hotels, restaurants, bars, gas stations, car rental agencies, souvenir sales, etc.

Another message to Madison that it should take nothing for granted from the state these days.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Oh, and did we mention that LSU might be bankrupt by then and not have a team because Jindal's policies have left the state with no money?

Oh, but LSU's boosters found a way to give UW's defensive coordinator $1.5 million. Priorities, you know.

Don't laugh too much at that- with Walker's underfunding of UW and constantly-falling revenue projections, that could be Wisconsin's future, too

Anonymous said...

This is not one of your better posts - building some cross-interest between rabid packer fans and Badger football has been a priority for UW-Madison and the media ever shares nce the football program was upgraded to be competitive.

No one should feel sorry for Madison here - you are just stating that huge subsidies to UW-M now represent an entitlement for Madison. It is time to spread that wealth around a little and let others have convenient access to the football program they are subsidizing - surely there are more important issues today than the distraction of football-mania.