Tuesday, February 16, 2016

WI giving big business the land, air and water sellout trifecta

Wisconsin is already selling primo public lands in its 10,000 acre selloff, and just kissed off any coordinated reduction in smokestack gases dirtying up the air - - just as big business asked - - so if and when the Legislature Tuesday hands over to out-of-state companies the right to buy municipal water systems sought by zero such local utilities, and is also poised to permanently grandfather away groundwater supplies to big ag and mega-daries regardless of the cumulative impacts on nearby residents and their wells, the anti-environmental, pro-corporate giveaway trifecta of land, air and water rights will be complete.

And remember when candidate Walker accused candidate Barrett of having a "radical environmental agenda?"

Fool us once, and again, and again...

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Anonymous said...

If this doesn't cause Wisconsin voters during this year's elections to send Republican legislators packing we are doomed to destruction as a state and a people. Walkerism is all about giving ownership of this states resources to any company, corporation and special interest that contributes to the Republican party. Wisconsin will soon be a fully owned subsidiary of either the Koch brothers, ALEC or Diane Hendricks.