Friday, February 19, 2016

2-mile WI manure spill may net fine in tens of dollars

I'm working with my trusty manuremeter to convert those two miles of manure spilled from a mega-dairy in Grant County that reached a trout stream there into gallons to compute a possible fine levied by the guardians of the public's water at Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Based on the 2014 Marathon County million-gallon spill that produced a $464 fine, I think we can expect a DNR ticket at least in the tens of dollars.


Anonymous said...

You are missing the point -- the fines are low, but then again we get to drink the manure!

Clearly, to Scott Walker's allies, this is a win-win.

Anonymous said...

Walker's supporters are just besides themselves with giddiness and excitement -- imagine, 2 miles of feces! I have heard all the hotels in the area are booked-up as all the teabaggers come out to enjoy the miles of excrement they have created. If you were a big Scott Walker fan, this would be your ideal playground -- miles and miles of fresh feces!

Anonymous said...

Two miles of manure? How do you keep Scott Walker and his fans away from that special treasure?

IMHO, this was done intentionally just to please typical teabaggers.

Anonymous said...

So, like, is this basically a 2-mile turd? That's amazing, pretty sick, man; but amazing. These Republicans really are, you know, sick little monkeys.