Wednesday, February 10, 2016

WI GOP lawmaker channels Joe McCarthy, South Park maybe

The same Waukesha County GOP assemblyman who has gone to war against traffic roundabouts, independent state auditors and district court judges who issue pesky injunctions against bad bills has a zany new brainstorm:

Let state legislators go all Posse Comitatus on prosecutors and arrest them, then compel them and others to testify (confess?) before a new legislative committee-cum-star-chamber (welcome back, Joe McCarthy; long time, no see) and, for good measure, take custody of Walker-related John Doe records for safe-keeping (that'll work, since no one in the Legislature has ever leaked anything, right?).

Talk about a bill that needs an instant injunction.

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Humanities_excite said...

Too bad there isn't' a way to broadcast these shenanigans for the world to hear at tonight's nationally televised Democratic debate! These idiots deserve a public shaming of epic magnitude to offset the pain and suffering we have all felt by their abuse of office. I wonder when and how, and by whom; a real spectacle. The suffering NEED this.