Thursday, February 18, 2016

2 miles of flowing manure freshens WI mega-dairy debate

Wisconsin is turning away from setting limits on those industrial-scale dairies - - like self-regulation' - - and limitless groundwater these expanding enterprises want and will soon be are allowed, so with manure in this administration's portfolio let's let this fresh headline tell the story about our wrong-headed, special-interest driven policy:
Two-mile-long manure spill reaches trout stream in Grant County


Anonymous said...

It isn't NE WI but there is karst in Grant County. Don't drink the water peeps!

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin Republicans - turning The Badger State into a stinking cesspool one CAFO at a time. Raise a glass of feces- contaminated water and enjoy the bounty that Svott Walker has blessed us with.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Did Grant Co Rep. Travis Tranel vote for the CAFO bill last night, like a good GOP sheep?

These are the consequences of voting Republican in the 2010s. KNOW THIS

Anonymous said...

What is it with the Walker crowd. Why are they obsessed and facinated with all things excrement? Why do they want this in our water?

This really is very sick and perverted.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, about 3:20, Joel Kleefisch came out of the assembly and stood in front of it, throwing a temper tantrum. I don't know what he was so upset about -- didn't want to get too close to this guy.

Aides and/or lobbiests were trying to get him to settle down. I did overhear him on his cell phone (right outside of the assembly chamber) whining to someone on his cell phone and complaining about Voss.

When me and my friend would perk our ears up and try to listen, then he would turn his back to us and talk quietly. He did loudly exclaim, "NOW I AM SCARED TO DEATH TO GO BACK TO CAUCUS!"

Does anyone know what the Assembly was going about 3:15 and what Kleefish was so upset about?

FWIW, we did taunt him for being now marked by GOP leadership to be "Scalia'd" -- also called him a shameless pig. His reply was, "You shouldn't let philosophies prevent you from having friendships".

We gave Kleefisch an earful then -- not going to let any divide-and-conquer Walker cronies lecture me about being their friends and ignoring their attacks on workers, working Wisconsinites, children and economically disadvantaged.

Anonymous said...

They won't be happy until we are covered in crap and the state has no water left. We need some group to fund open records requests of the Republican legislative cabal and get a count of how many contacts each Republican sheep had opposing their legislative actions and the number that supported their "yes" votes. It has been 6 years now and I'm hard pressed to come up with anything they've done to enhance the well being of Wisconsin's citizens.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Good story. I do wonder why all the GOP Assembly members follow orders like lemmings, no matter how bad the bill is or how it goes against their constituents' interests.

How much campaign cash is being promised to these guys by Vos and his ALEC puppetmasters? And what other threats are being made for/against these guys?