Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New WI GOP ploy to allow high-flow wells: let AG decide

No, Bucky, you haven't seen all the legislative and administrative tricks employed by special-interest water carriers in Wisconsin's corporatized government to help businesses grab public resources:

Legislators now want to turn the complex environmental and science question of when so-called high-capacity wells can be drilled by large farms, expanding dairies, gigantic pig farms, sprawling frac sand mines, and the like over to one of Big Business's Biggest Wisconsin Friends - - GOP Attorney General and clean-air-and-water fighter Brad Schimel.

For advice that will stick

For real.


Anonymous said...

This is just ridiculous. Vos has intimidated all the Republicans that serve in the Assembly and Fitz has done the same in the Senate so that they have neutered the DNR by cutting science staff and defunding the agency so that the DNR cannot research the impacts of high capacity wells on neighbor's wells, the groundwater aquifer, lakes, streams and wetlands as they have been directed to do by the courts. With this established Vos now wants to make an end run around the mandate, ignore the public's well-being and have the Attorney General act as judge and environmental executioner. How much more corrupt do these clowns have to become before the people of Wisconsin throw them out. If Walker and his legislative cronies can't get the perks they want for their special interest donors to increase their profits they just go about changing the rules or simply ignore the rules and the public's concerns and create a new path to riches for their friends and destruction for Wisconsin!

nonquixote said...

When the most important conduits of campaign cash are going to funnel through fewer players as a result of the Assembly majority's own vote to change campaign finance laws, it was not too hard to predict the result described by Anon at 9:35 AM yesterday.

WMC and Club for growth have the entire grab bab of treats to dole out through exceedingly willing rubes such as Vos and Fitzgerald. What's their option beyond their current positions besides lobbying or actually competing for a job in the abysmal real world they've created?