Monday, February 9, 2009

But You Still Can't Get There From Here By Direct Bus

Local leaders announced some modest cooperative transit actions - - dropping 25-cent transfer fees and the like - - that were worthy of a news conference and officials' personal presence only because there is so little real inter-county cooperation involving Waukesha and Milwaukee on transit.

As was highlighted during last year's pubic hearings on Milwaukee's water sale agreement with New Berlin, there is still no way for Milwaukee residents to take a direct bus to the New Berlin Industrial Park, which is in the growth area to be served by the water sale.


Anonymous said...


are the van pools they mention "inter county" - or is it just a way to get Waukesha residents to jobs in Waukesha county?

James Rowen said...

To P.A. - - I do not know.

Chicago Train Stories said...

Since labor costs are a significant factor in transit costs, I would speculate that vans, with a higher ratio of drivers to passengers, would cost more, not less.

Seems like Vrakas, like Walker, gets his "creativity" from the Cato and the Reason Institutes. (See the pack of lies here:

Perhaps the proposed van service is really just another sneaky way to privatize and bust up the ATU?