Sunday, February 15, 2009

How To Save And Even Improve Milwaukee County's Bus System

Milwaukee County's transit services are the subject of a current study, which is now in the comment period.

Here are a couple of useful links:

The website describing the plan and the comment period, is here.

Substantive comments by local activist Bill Sell are here.

Now if only the officials running the plan would actually listen to the detailed comments, we'd have a real transit system here instead of the floundering, failing, flailing operation that may not survive Scott Walker's deliberate, Grover Norquist-inspired drowning.

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bill sell said...

Yes, write to Transit. They HAVE TO read and record your comments on their plan. Send them to:

Deadline: March 16, 2009.

A large turnout of dissatisfied riders, observers, citizens helps us to get their attention.

Buses are not for losers; they are essential to a great city.