Friday, February 13, 2009

Wisconsin Should Cut Back On Bottled Water Usage

Minnesotans are urging their elected officials to restrict public dollars spent on bottled water and to legislate against the bottling for export of Great Lakes water, according to Dave Dempsey, noted author, blogger and Great Lakes water activist.

Dempsey has been consistent in his well-argued opposition to the bottled water loophole in the Great Lakes Compact, through which unlimited diversions of water can be poured if removed in containers of less that 5.7 gallons each.

Which leave Michigan in Nestle's "Ice Mountain" (sic) containers in truck fulls.

I especially like the Minnesotans call for their state to stop spending taxpayers' money on bottled water, and that is certainly something that Wisconsin public activists should ask of their officials immediately.

Conferences and meetings don't need to provide bottled water in plastic bottles that shipped from bottler to distributor to dealer to the site, burning more petroleum along with finite natural resources that went into forming the bottle in the first place.

Wisconsin has first-class drinking water.

As a matter of public policy, let's shelve the bottles and turn on the taps.

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