Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama Tax Increases On Wealthy Will Infuriate Wealthy Talk Radio Hosts

President Barack Obama's interest in taxing the wealthy to pay for health care reform will cause certain local and national high-earning talk radio squawkers to go apoplectic, then hoarse. Now there's a real step towards tax fairness - - and national well-being.


Anonymous said...

As we move closer and closer to socialism, that's exactly how it needs to be.

With the the lower 56.6% of taxpayers earning less than $30k, which comprises 20% of the US income, and paying 3.1% of the federal tax, they are paying their share.

We need to gouge the 14.3% of taxpayers who make in excess of $100k. They consititute 40.6% of the personal income, but still only pay 66.8% of the total federal tax.

They need to pay more, they need to pay more, they need to pay more, ....

Anonymous said...

Where in the world have many American's minds gone?!! Why in the world do you people think it's "fair" for those of us who choose to make a better life for ourselves and our children to help all the lazy indigent people that the liberals continue to help fourish?! Because we went into a profession that helps society (medicine)you think it is our duty to pay for others health insurance, buy their groceries, provide them with an income, etc. I want those of you who think we are wealthy because we make in the $250k to $325k range WAKE UP!!!! Minus our 50% in taxes that come off that we're down to approx. 175,000, minus our 16,000 we pay yearly for our benefits- yes we pay our own!, minus the student loans- trying to put away money for OUR OWN childrens schooling and our retirement that doesn't let a whole lot to raise a family of 6 on!! I'm not looking for sympathy, but for those of you who look forward to your income tax return for that big spring cruise to the Caribbean or can't wait to go shopping.... we are sitting at the computer keeping a running tab on our monthly budget. If you want more money- go back to college-God knows there's help for the rest of you!-the time, hard work, the stress, oh, and the crap we take from those of you who's medical insurance we're paying for -we end up no better off finacially than those of you making $50,000/year! No, I am not totally against welfare or helping others out, but unfortunatly, most of the help goes to those who end up in "the line" without ever holding a job nor even looking for one! Yes, I am referring to America's generation after generation living on the hard work of others while those who end up truly in need of a helping hand when some unfortunate incident occurs- it's a long drawn out battle for them!! How's that for fairness?

Not so happy in PA,

Anonymous said...

As the writer of the first anonymous posting, thank you Marci.
My posting was to point out the lunacy of further taxing the wealthy when they already pay a disproportionate share.
What the liberal’s concept of further taxing the wealthy fails to communicate, is that people like yourselves and small business owners constitute a large portion of wealthy. What’s better propaganda: imagery of the small business owner that lives next door, or imagery of the greedy, super-rich that have adorned many newspapers of late?
From the US Census Bureau’s latest statistics (2004), reference:, businesses with less than 100 employees constitute 36% of employees. When small business owners incur more of the tax burden, business operations are scaled back – i.e. less jobs – i.e. less tax base – i.e. more government burden – i.e. more government dependency.
I share your sentiments regarding helping others. I believe in helping others, but my assistance should be an individual’s last resort, not the first resort. At least get the basic, free high school education, and demonstrate a desire to work.