Sunday, February 15, 2009

Comfortable With the Familiar, Losers Prefer More Losing

They'd prefer more Bush-era programs.

That worked out well for Wisconsin/the country/the planet, right?

More commentary here on the Republicans' political death-wish fascination.

Instead of a Grand Old Party, it's becoming the Party of Political Necromancy


Anonymous said...

The GOP is on the attack over the stimulus bill.
They are using the word bipartisanship as an excuse for not having control.
The Republicans are full of their own bs.
The GOP wants to look good even if they hurt the people of this country.
That what this is all about.
Saving their own skin.
Face it, the Republicans can't stand not being in charge.
They had to have it their way which is the self interest greed way.
The voters had enough of that.
The people said no more to the Republicans who were in power when home loans were based on greed, the economy began to fall, jobs were being lost, billions of dollars were being wasted, fraud was at a high level, the war in Iraq was started because of lies, 9/11 happened, and on and on.
The Republicans just sat there filling their own pockets.
That is the Republican way.
The voters were sick of it all.
They wanted the Republicans out of power.
The GOP was and is a scam.
Now, the Republicans want to cause problems for President Obama, the Democrats and the American people.
If the Republicans keep this garbage up, we the people will keep voting them out until there is no member of the GOP left in power.
We are taking back this country.
The Republicans have no future here.
I am,

George Vreeland Hill

Anonymous said...

I would prefer to be on the losing end of this battle. Obama has spent nearly a TRILLION dollars for a high speed rail that will end up broke in a decade, frisbee parks, STD research, etc. Maybe no democrats noticed, but this country is BROKE!

Now, we are going to leverage our short-lived economic downturn on the backs of our children (yes, there are indicators showing the economy has bottomed already like the dry bulk shipping index).

I'll add, the Bush administration did a great job keeping us safe, they did a HORRIBLE job at spending.

Obama has been off to a terrible start. Our new CIA chief -- no experience. Our new head of treasury can't use Turbo-Tax despite he is supposed to be the expert. Tax problems over and over again. Even Obama's moving of the census is showing Obama talk is cheap. He speaks with one tongue and then his actions are otherwise.

Obama is not a statesman either. His best defense at times is blaming the party not in charge. Come on'. Give me a break.

Obama is heading down the path of being one of the worse presidents and he's not been in office for 100 days. He's a radical and it's beginning to rear its ugly head.

It's started by ramming an 1100 page bill NO ONE read down the American taxpayer's throats.

Tisk. Tisk. Tisk. Shameful.

Bryan said...

Here we go again. Senator McCain and his gang are at it once more. Listen everyone, besides being condescending-greedy-warmongering-lunatics and completely out of touch with the harsh reality of millions of Americans, I must admit one thing: The neo-cons are relentless.

During W’s presidency, the Republican Party that stood for small government and fiscal responsibility. But their ideology is so blurry and contradictory that it is almost impossible to discuss this topic under any degree of rationality. “Government threatens the very individual freedom we cherish”, they claim. Does eavesdropping and torture threaten that very same freedom? One would think so. However, the radical neo-con approach of “anything goes” in the name of National Security indicates quite the opposite of what Republicans preach. Not to mention the billions of tax payer dollars to finance the war in Iraq and the utter failure to secure effective domestic policies to prevent loss of life from natural disasters along with a mega financial crisis. That “government regulation is un-American and that we should leave it all to the private sector”.

Look what happened to that.

We are currently experiencing the end result of human greed when it goes unchecked and unbalanced. But Republicans seem to be o.k. with that. As if irresponsibility and recklessness are to be expected and perhaps, tolerated. Simply because free markets are not perfect and eventually there will always be winners and losers.
We all know who the winners are. Certainly, the losers are those of us who are somewhere along the food chain, holding on tight and trying our best to survive the crash while swallowing the consequences of a broken and corrupted financial system. Again, Republicans seem to be o.k. with that. As if the solution is let the country go to hell and the ones who are able to prosper are the good Americans. Those who are unable to do so can’t, well, life is unfair.

Today, the irony of it all is inescapable. Having been reduced to a mere regional party, broken, leaderless and out of touch with the reality of Americans, as well as hedging their bets and their future to a couple of radical, arrogant and condescending radio talk show hosts, it looks like the GOP is losing its grip on reality. The GOP is now officially the Party of “NO”. By obstructing every single move the new administration makes with every breathe they can muster (and just for kicks -- because they really haven’t done anything else) accusing President Obama of being partisan when the entire country has witnessed quite the opposite, that the recently approved financial legislation is a joke, and etc. The anti-liberal sentiment within the Republican Party and its conservative base is so entrenched that it goes beyond awareness. Thank God the American people woke up and voted for change last November.

All these right wing lunatics are fully aware that they are now part of a dying political movement and that they are drifting towards the inevitable: Extinction.

Anonymous said...

"There is no such thing as a Moderate Conservative anymore...the GOP was looking for leadership and they found (Hate)radio (Rush)." - Bill Mahar on Larry King Live.

True, after losing the election to Obama who won by a major landslide the bitter fundamental hate mongers have been out in full force voicing the same fanatical accusations of labeling Obama as a Islam/Communist/Non-citizen/Voter fraud of the USA. Their garbage seems obvious, but what isn't is the underlying current of resentment and sabotage these OLD Boys seem to have over Present Elect Obama. The question is, will moderates allow the continued hijacking of the Republican party by these Fundamentally ill (Coulter/Rush/Hannity et al)oppressive quacks or give them a strong message at their offices and at the polls.

Femme Fatale et Noire said...

The American people will lose if politics continue "as usual" in DC.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that there are blind sore losers still supporting the party of NO. Please just go away and leave the country alone. Haven't you all done enough damage during the Bush disaster?