Saturday, February 14, 2009

Review, Vote Online For Milwaukee Stimulus Projects

An easy-to-use website lists Milwaukee's proposed stimulus-funded projects, and allows you to vote for those you want funded, or not.

So far, local street construction is leading the list, and repairs are also high up there.

Having hit some potholes recently that should have had their own excavation permits or environmental impact statements posted, I support local road repairs and improvements as a wise use of stimulus funding.

As opposed to widening some piece of already overbuilt, sprawl-inducing interstate highway, erroneously called 'freeway.'.

So weigh In on various green building (the Villard Library, for example), energy-savings, infrastructure-fixing, job-creating, water-conserving, and other good proposals.

Thanks to the City for putting together such a list: Scott Walker denied Milwaukee County and its taxpayers such an opportunity by declining to create a list.

He preferred to bloviate about more tax cuts, thus stimulating only his presumptive 2010 GOP caniddacy,

To which we say what he said about stimulus funding:

Thanks, but no thanks.

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