Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bobby Jindal Blows 2012 Chances, Boosts "SNL" Opportunities

Bobby Jindal's near-universally panned post-Obama response speech (well, Sean Hannity had him on the air in the aftermath, awarding the Louisiana Governor something of a mulligan), might have ruined his chances of sharing a national ticket in 2012 with Sarah Palin.

Even GOP stalwarts might think two goofs on a national ticket is one too many.

That's not to say that someone like Fred Armisen on "Saturday Night Live" isn't already honing his Jindal impression for a grateful audience.



Anonymous said...

Jindal sounded just like AL Gore to me. In cadences and the way he sounded like he was really trying to get us to understand his point of view. It was like he was talking to children, very condescending.

I think the Republican's have missed thew boat and trying to point fingers at the other side rather than owning up to their failures.

Anonymous said...

SNL; where all political goofs go to end their careers, warmly welcomes Bobby Jindal!

Ed James said...

I think the media is starting a little early to bash Republicans for 2012. I have read that Mr. Jindal is whip smart and a very good Governor. He was correct regarding USGS funding for volcano monitoring as this is a "stimulus" bill. Funding for USGS should fall within the standard budgetary process and not in a stimulus bill.

Anonymous said...

You wish.

Bobby Jindal is right. Regardless of the need to monitor volcanos, why the heck is it in a stimulus package? How many jobs does that $140 million create?

The problem with Washington is exactly stuff like this - they throw program budgets onto critical legislation when these things should be reviewed and should be able to stand on their own merits.

Anonymous said...

So basically this country has come down to a "ethnicity flavor of the week" for rising politicians. Kind of ironic that in the quest for ethinic diversity, "old white guys" are being marginalized. No wonder this country's fast becoming a total shithole.

Anonymous said...

Jindal is normally a very good speaker, but he was clearly not in his environment that night. He was sick and already does not do well with a prepared speech. He's very good at speaking to the public, just not at reading a statement.

So what if he's not a fantastic speech reader?

krshorewood said...

The nets have picked up on the similarity of Piyush Jindal's speech and the delivery of Kenneth the Page for 30 Rock. Word has it Jack McBrayer will be doing speech word for word as Kenneth the Page on SNL Saturday night.

You may also be interested in the Facebook group --

Are we picking on him. Well there is the little matter of that fake story.

James Rowen said...

Improving volcano warning systems in the Northwest is an excellent use of stimulus funds - - a small percentage of the total, yet can go a long way - - if saving the NW is a national priority.

You'd think Jindal would understand catastrophe prevention, being from Louisiana.

To me, he seemed ill-informed, overly-ideological, and whether deliberate or not, condescending to the audience.

Anonymous said...

Picking a time of crisis to stand on a soapbox in his little state and act as if he has any answers to the nations problems. There's nothing new or exciting about this young governor. He lacks the vision to understand a national stimulus package on a wide scale and considering that he thinks not extending benefits to his own states unemployed is not necessary shows just how moronic this man is.

This is a time when Washington needs to work together and rebuild our nation, not have some goofball hack governor from the little state of Lousiana put his two cents in and act as if he has the answer to the problem. His state has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and recently had the worst recovery action to a natural disaster in the history of our country, yea, let's not worry about active volcanoes until they happen, deal with it after 1000's of people die or are left without homes. I don't think he would be running his mouth if there was money going for hurricane warnings in the bill.

Anonymous said...

And I thought Palin had won the "Idiot" category. Jindal is giving her a run for her money. If he wanted to pick something in the stimulus bill to criticize, why didn't he pick something that truly may be a waste of money. There are a couple volcanoes in the U.S. that are active right now. If I lived in that area, I would like to be informed if one was about to blow!

Zach W. said...

Granted Jindal's GOP response to Obama was my first opportunity to hear him speak, but after watching his remarks, I'm left wondering why he's considered a "rising star" in the GOP. Is there something I'm missing?